Charlotte, NC

Selecting a DJ is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning process.  Your DJ is the Master of Ceremonies and he or she is a critical component to executing your wedding day vision!  Not all DJs are created equal and the good ones are simply priceless!

Here are some tips to help you set things up so that you can relax and enjoy the music you want to hear on your big day!

  1. Be very specific about your playlist!
  2. Decide whether you’re going to let the DJ take requests or not!
  3. Be VERY SPECIFIC about your “Do Not Play” list.
  4. Get your playlist to your DJ as early as possible.

Champagne Manor is a large venue with three distinctly separate spaces.  Some things to make sure you cover with your selected DJ.

  • Will your DJ be providing music for the ceremony and cocktail hour as well as the reception?
  • Will your DJ be providing microphones and speakers for the groom and officiant during the ceremony?

According to, here are some good questions to ask before selecting your wedding DJ:

  1. How do you customize the music experience for each couple? Can you help with song lists and providing suggestions?
  2. How do you get the crowd pumped?
  3. How do you handle song requests?
  4. Can I hear some examples of mixing and blending different tracks?
  5. Have you played at Champagne Manor before? If not, can you make a site visit beforehand?
  6. Do we have our choice of DJs to select from, or is one automatically assigned to us depending on date availability?
  7. What other services do you offer (e.g. lighting, HD video screens)?

Don’t forget to share with your DJ or band that Champagne Manor requires the music to be played at or below 90 decibels to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all of your guests!